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We have several departments ranging from Public Relations, Policy, Outreach, Advocacy, Community Accessibility, Web Presence, and Finance. In this position, you will be able to contribute to AAPSU programming at a medium commitment level throughout the year. There are no limits on the amount of department members we can have! Interested members can sign up through the following Google form:

AAPSU Member Signup 2021-2022

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We welcome your support by signing up for our newsletter and attending our events! If you are a representative from another organization, we would be happy to collaborate with you at any time, please email "". 

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Are you missing AAPSU in your area? We’re concentrating most of our energy in Montgomery County, but we are open to establishing branches of our group in other states! If you would be interested in a high-commitment position with our organization, please send us an email to set up an interview.


Upcoming Events 

Data Disaggregtion Intiative
(Zoom Discussion)

The US Department of Education requires states and school districts to aggregate over 48 ethnicities under the single category of "Asian."


The problem with this is that different communities within the Asian American umbrella also face different problems, such as educational disparities. The lack of acknowledgment of different ethnicities effectively overlooks each ethnicity's unique cultural and socioeconomic differences and perpetuates lack of access to opportunities for advancement.

Join our community call discussing the need for disaggregation of AAPI data in education and more by registering through the link above.

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